Our mission is to ensure that every person who comes to the Nordic Walking experience leaves with a sense of well-being, having pushed their physical limits. She wants to transmit the pleasure that comes with making Nordic Walking, and physical activity in general, a way of life.

Who is Marie-Claude Marchessault?

A nutritionist and fitness instructor specializing in Nordic Walking, Marie-Claude is known for her vitality, energy and ability to motivate her troops. Her goal during the classes is to encourage people to excel and to get out of their comfort zones in a pleasant and good-humoured environment. She sees diet and fitness as two essential pillars for optimal health and well-being and enjoys sharing her passions, knowledge and experiences with those around her.

Equipment required

Nordic walking poles are designed specifically for this discipline. They are made with an alloy of carbon, titanium and / or aluminum and are fitted with straps (gloves) that allow ample arm movements and a complete relaxation of the hand as it passes behind the body. The straps are detachable and the length of the sticks is adjustable according to the person’s height.

Specialized Nordic Walking poles can be purchased or rented on-line on our online boutique.



  • Multi-layered depending on the weather: comfortable and flexible clothing adapted to winter sports
  • Walking boots
  • Hat, gloves or mittens (ideal when the temperature is below – 10 ° C)
  • Crampons are mandatory (available in pharmacies, department store, or sporting goods stores)
  • Headlamp essential for courses offered in the evening
  • Water bottle attached to a waist belt

Spring / Summer / Fall:

  • Comfortable and flexible clothing adapted to the conditions
  • Walking shoes
  • Water bottle attached to a waist belt


I really enjoyed the introduction to this new sport. You taught me a lot in a couple of hours. I am inspired to do this more. Thank you Marie-Claude.Tina
Une bonne manière de se réénergiser… ça fait du bien et comme on dit, c’est bon pour le moral… venez l’essayer.Danièle
Lors du premier cours, j’ai tout de suite aimé. J’ai toujours aimé la marche et le ski de fond alors, je ne pouvais qu’aimer la marche nordique. J’apprécie la marche en nature, ça me fait réaliser à quel point chaque saison est belle et appréciable. Merci à toi pour ton enthousiasme.Brigitte
Je voulais prendre le temps de te remercier et te dire à quelle point que je suis reconnaissante pour ton “coaching” de marche nordique. En trouvant la marche nordique, j’ai découvert une façon de me remettre physiquement, mentalement (lors de le portion de marche méditative) et spirituellement (dans notre parc extraordinaire). La découverte de la marche nordique s’est fait vraiment par hasard, mais je suis très contente que ma copine m’ai encouragée à essayer. Merci merci merci.Helena
Thanks for a great initiation on the weekend Marie-Claude! I love your enthusiasm for everything, especially outdoor sports, nutritious food and gratitude. I also enjoyed the company of the other participants (who all seemed super nice) and can’t wait to join you all again this coming Saturday for another invigorating kick start to the weekend!Kathy
What a great way to start the year on this beautiful sunny winter day! Thank you Marie-Claude for an awesome workout!Donna
J’étais très contente de prendre du bon air hier soir dans de la belle neige fraîche! J’avoue que c’est toujours difficile en fin de journée d’hiver de se motiver après une longue journée de travail. Une fois déplacée avec un groupe de personnes et une coach super motivante qui nous attendent, on oublie tous nos soucis et on en profite!Diane